We F.R.O.G.s value our team highly. Having a common goal and a team that works well together is important to us.

Team mission:

             We dedicate ourselves to creating tomorrow’s scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians using today’s leaders to construct tomorrow’s future.

Team motto:

             "Figure it out!"

Team traditions:

     Every year we put spinners on our robot. This is the result of a student going, "Hey! It would be cool if the bot had spinners." at a late night session during the very first build season. Little did he know that he had created a lasting tradition that would still be going strong many years later.

     We also make little 3D printed frogs every year to give out and leave around town. You never know where you may find one of those little guys. 

We call ourselves F.R.O.G. :  FIRST Robotics Organization of Grove

Our rookie year in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) was 2010.  During our first year, F.R.O.G. participated  in the Oklahoma City Regional and brought home the Rookie All-Star Award. From there, F.R.O.G. was invited to the International Competition ("Championship") in Atlanta, Georgia.

In January of 2011, Mr. Donald Malone, our primary mentor and donor, purchased a facility north of Grove High School and started a non-profit organization named Grand Lake Area Robotics Education(G.L.A.R.E.).

In 2011 we took first place in the Oklahoma City Regional Competition and attended the championship for the second year in a row -- this time, in St. Louis, Missouri.  
F.R.O.G. started summer projects in their new facilities after the 2011 competition which started with the students hosting an open house at the beginning of summer in 2011.  The open house provided the F.R.O.G. students an opportunity to lead tours and educate the community about  FIRST and F.R.O.G. by giving tours of the GLARE facility and demonstrating the competition robot.  Included in the tours are CAD (Computer Aided Design) and LabVIEW (programming) demonstrations.  These demonstrations aid in our recruitment of new members to our program.